Social Distancing: Tips for Apartment Renters

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Life is changing as we know it. Gone (for now) are the days of leisurely walking through grocery store aisles and cramming into elevators.

Two metres apart is the new norm. While the Government of Canada has advised people to practice social distancing and to self-isolate if they are experiencing COVID-19 symptoms, living in apartment building with dozens of others requires some extra precaution to be taken.

If you live in an apartment community, here are a few tips to help you maintain social distancing.  


Utilize off-peak times in must-use common areas

If your apartment community features a laundry room or another must-use communal space, plan to use these areas at off-peak times to avoid overcrowding. Be respectful of others already using these areas by maintaining your distance or returning when the space is empty. Follow the same rule for checking and picking up mail, as well as for running errands, to minimize congestion in public areas as well.


Take the stairs

Getting in a cramped elevator doesn’t allow you to keep the recommended two-metre distance from people. Instead, take the stairs, and if you do happen to pass a neighbour on the way, pause to ensure there is enough space between you as you pass. If taking the stairs isn’t an option for you, avoid getting on crowded elevators and wait until there is an empty one for you to ride. Wear gloves while touching buttons and handrails for added protection.


Familiarize yourself with your building’s guidelines and procedures

Check with your building’s management team to see what specific practices they have put in place. Take note of changes to cleaning schedules and policies, and do your part by ensuring your hands are clean and by minimizing your interactions with anything your neighbours may also come into contact with. 


Living in apartment building can make social distancing a little more tricky, but by altering some of the routines we have in our everyday lives, we can help minimize the risk to ourselves and our neighbours.