Social Distancing: Keeping Busy in Your Apartment

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With most of us signed up for extended periods of time spent in our apartments, now is the best time to begin looking at our living spaces as something more than just where we eat, sleep, and hang out. 

Apartments can be an extremely productive space - and not just for business, either. If social distancing is driving you stir-crazy, or you’re just looking for a bit more structure to life when time can begin to feel a little more nebulous, there are plenty of options.

Staying busy in your apartment can be as simple as beginning a home workout routine. Those looking for a more intense regimen - perhaps to emerge from social distancing using the process a lot like a cocoon - can find paid workout options on Instagram. If social distancing also means tightening up the budget, there are lots of home workout apps available for free on mobile, with customization for routines like yoga.

Not everyone likes to keep themselves busy by working out, however, and there’s more to do at home than just ab crunches or child’s pose. If social distancing is taking its toll on you - and you’d be one of many experiencing that sort of effect - there are some great meditation apps available on mobile that can help reduce the stress of spending long hours at home. If you find yourself working extra hours just to have something else to do, this is a healthier way to help detach from that intense workflow.

Believe it or not, medical authorities have also recently recommended picking video games as a hobby. If the World Health Organization says it, that’s a good enough excuse for us! Online video games are a good way to connect to people, too, which will help create the sense that you’re hanging out even if you’re still at home. For those without video game consoles, there are plenty of free options online and on your phone, and most games have built-in social functions, too. We’d recommend free video games like Fortnite or League of Legends, but there are some more relaxing titles, too, including plenty of Euchre and Bridge rooms.

Making the most of your apartment during social distancing doesn’t require a major overhaul of your daily life. Just implement a few more practices, whether it’s something physical, mental, or otherwise, and be sure to try to frame it positively. You just might build a few habits you can carry with you once social distancing becomes a distant memory instead!