Best Apartment-Friendly Pets

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Man’s and living spaces' best friends.

Finding and renting the perfect apartment is a big decision. Not only for you, but also for any potential pets too. Many apartments have semi-strict rules regarding pet ownership that are implemented with the best intentions - some breeds of common house pets simply don’t do well in smaller spaces, for instance, and others are loud, which can negatively impact your neighbor’s quality of life. If you’re looking to make your apartment a warmer, more lively space with the addition of a furry friend, here are some suggestions for the most apartment-friendly pets around.

If you’re looking for the best apartment-friendly dog, there are a few strong suggestions. Many experts actually  suggest pugs, because they’re intelligent enough to learn the rules of their living spaces and have a very pleasant temperament, meaning they bark far less than other small dogs. Basenji breeds are the quietest dog (at least for barking) while a basset hound is great for those of us who don’t have as much time to spend at home as we’d like.

If you’re more inclined towards felines, there are just as many good apartment-friendly cat options as there are dogs. American shorthair cats are the most popular, for good reason, as they’re a chill breed that isn’t extraordinarily active at night and lives long. British shorthairs are similar, though they’re pretty well a lock to want time on your lap, so plan accordingly. Both of these breeds don’t shed very much, but if cat hair isn’t a concern - or you’re willing to do the extra work - Maine Coon cats are amazingly friendly, making them great fits for families.

While cats and dogs are probably the first two ideas people have for best apartment-friendly pets, there are a number of other options - and some of them don’t even need specifics regarding breeds. For instance, a fish is a non-intrusive way to add some vitality to an apartment, while hamsters or guinea pigs are fairly low-intensity additions as well. Be careful with the latter two options, though, as they can smell quite a bit, which can be especially noticeable in smaller apartments.