About WRE Development Ltd.

W.R.E. Development, a family owned business has seen many changes since the founder Henry Dyck first started business. In the early 60's Henry Dyck and his brother Arthur Dyck started a cabinet shop. With much hard work and long hours the business developed into quite a success.

As the success continued, the cabinet shop gradually diversified into the construction industry; beginning with houses and gradually moving into apartment block construction and ownership.

It was in 1970 that WRE Development was incorporated as a separate entity.  Up to that point and continuing until 1972, the company was run strictly by family.  It was in May of 1972 that WRE hired its first employee, Peter Ewert. At that time their portfolio consisted of 140 suites within 3 apartment blocks.

As the company grew, more staff were needed. They began with a receptionist, then a comptroller and office manager, then many more staff followed. Jack Nelson  joined WRE Development in the summer of 1998.

Due to wise business decisions and a dedicated staff, WRE Development has grown into one of the largest property management companies in Winnipeg and continues to be a family run and family owned business.

Currently, WRE has a portfolio in excess of 2500 suites in Winnipeg, as well as holdings in Calgary, Phoenix, Denver and California.  WRE is recognized for its high quality projects and has experience in a wide range of residential properties. Their management is focused on preventative maintenance and providing prompt service to achieve maximum resident satisfaction.

Although Henry Dyck is spending more and more time away from the office these days, his sons Walter, Robert and Erick still ask for and appreciate his input and advice when difficult business decision have to be made.

WRE Development Ltd. 200 - 28 Queen Elizabeth Way Winnipeg, Manitoba R3L 2R1 Phone: (204) 889-5409 Fax: (204) 888-2177