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Warren Apartments 255 Sophia St, Selkirk


Conway Court 165 Kennedy St.
241 Young Street
Southgate Apartments 188 Colony St.
Ladywood 172 Edmonton St.


Glenmore Manor 100 Prevette St.
Brookman Manor 80 Prevette St.
70 Donwood Dr.
Linlee Apartments 1030 Brazier Ave.
30 Donwood Dr.
Birchgrove Manor/Molson Manor 1050/1060 Moncton Ave.
Lauralee Apts. 1222 Plessis Rd.


Olympic Towers 480 Charles St.
Queensbury Apts. 1055 Powers St.
The Hedges 707 Leila Ave.
Mandalay Village 301 Mandalay Dr.


Killarney Place 66 Killarney Ave.
South Park Gardens 33 South Park Drive
South Park Gardens 50 South Park Drive
Drury Manor 1833 Pembina Hwy
Markham Place 990 Markham Road
The Ridge Apartments 2350 McGillivray Blvd.
The Ridge Townhouses 2360 McGillivray Blvd.
The Spot on Pembina 2815 Pembina Highway


21 Mayfair Place
Oakton Manor 279 River Ave.
Lanark Tower 555 Lanark St.
Lanark Gardens 495 Lanark St.
Markham Place 2295 Pembina Hwy.
FIve Fifty Five River 555 River Ave.
Hugo Apartments 250 Hugo St.
The Spot at Tuxedo Point 785-825 Sterling Lyon Parkway
Morgan Manor 1205 Grant Ave.


Bonita Daer Apts. 530 Daer Blvd.


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