West Apartments

House on Mandeville Street
Hartman Apartments 1934/1940/1946 Portage Ave.
House on Lipton Street
Sturgeon Park House 3063 Portage Ave.
Park Villa West 500 - 512 Gagnon St.
Stanley Grove Apts. 2170 Portage Ave.
350 Lodge Avenue
Fairlane Meadows 236 Fairlane Ave.
Moray Village Townhouses 24 Strauss Dr.
Hillsboro House 616 Strathcona St.
Westport Plaza 191 Greenway Cresc.
Moorgate Apts. 2187 Portage Ave.
Courts of St. James 2727 Portage Ave.
Lumsden Gardens 160 & 170 Lumsden Ave.
Westwood Estates 429 Westwood Dr.
Sturgeon Road Townhouses 795-821A Sturgeon Rd.
Strathcona House 2425 Portage Ave.
David Estates 3563 & 3567 Portage Ave.
The Apartments of 2600/2610 Portage Ave. 2600/2610 Portage Ave.
Lady Conway 2199 Portage Ave.
Birchwood Terrace 2440 Portage Avenue
Stanley Park Apts. 2160 Portage Ave.
Billingsley Manor 2515 Portage Ave.
Hamilton Park Plaza 838 Cavalier Dr.
Cameo House 175 Greenway Cresc.
Lord Ainslie Apts. 479 Ainslie St.
House on Ingersoll Street
Victoria Arms 700 Setter St.
Condo on Greenway Cr
Moray Village Apartments 24 Strauss Dr.
Park Tower 2300 Portage Ave.
Towers of Polo Park 666 St. James St.
Condo on Greenway Crescent West
Mandeville Towers 2075 Portage Ave.
Redfern Gardens 465 Hamilton Ave.
Pinewood Place 2510 Portage Ave.
Thunderbird Apts. 2150 Portage Ave.