Southwest Apartments

Century Heights Apts. 515/535 Laxdal Rd.
508 McMillan Avenue
Owen Apts. 650 Stafford St.
Forks Manor 121 Mayfair Place
Morgan Manor 1205 Grant Ave.
Riverview Towers (Furnished) 3 Donald St./240 Stradbrook Ave.
Hampton House 333 Wellington Cresc.
Lanark Tower 555 Lanark St.
Palm Gardens 1051 Taylor Ave.
Evergreen Towers Eleven Evergreen Place
Seasons 586/ 590/595 Sterling Lyon Parkway
1044 Wilkes Ave.
Dorchester Apartments 742 Dorchester Ave.
General Grant 1281 Grant Ave.
626 Jessie Avenue
Charlesdale Gardens 3201 Grant Ave.
River Crescent Gardens 595 River Ave.
Panama Court 785 Dorchester Ave.
Taylor Heights Manor 1740 Taylor Ave.
Maple Leaf 915 Corydon Ave.
Sutton Place 155 Wellington Cres.
700 Corydon Ave.
The Ritz 859 Grosvenor Ave.
FIve Fifty Five River 555 River Ave.
Centennial Park 1815 Corydon Ave.
Guelph Gardens 630 Guelph St.
Vialoux Village 3420 Vialoux Dr.
Roslyn Square 40 Osborne St.
Bridgwater Heights 225 North Town Road
Grand Lyon Terrace of Sterling Gates 100 Paget St.
Canterbury House 270 Roslyn Rd.
Castle Gardens of Sterling Gates 90 Paget St.
Lanark Gardens 495 Lanark St.
Riverview Towers 3 Donald St./240 Stradbrook Ave.
Century Roblin 3500 Roblin Blvd.
Forks Gardens 115 Mayfair Place
Henshire Apts. 920 Corydon Ave.
Markham Place 2295 Pembina Hwy.
21 Mayfair Place
Cambridge Gardens 850 Cambridge St.
The Spot at Tuxedo Point 785-825 Sterling Lyon Parkway
Royal Oak Court 277 River Ave.
800 Dovercourt 800 Dovercourt Dr.
Strada Villa 333 Stradbrook Ave.
Hyde Park House 1099 Grant Avenue