South Apartments

Chancellor Gate 919 Chancellor Dr. Only 2 units left!
Bison Pointe 70 Bison Dr. Brand new luxury suites!
Annex Aura Tower Fort Richmond
House on Delorme Bay
Condo on Roslyn Road
Side by Side on Novavista Drive
Side by Side on McMeans Avenue East
House on Park Valley Road
House on Springfield Rd
Apt on St. Mary's Road
House on Banting Drive
House on Lindenwood Drive West
Condo on Bridgeland Drive North
Condo on Kenaston Blvd
Armadale Hollows 1750 Pembina Hwy.
Summerland 77 University Cres.
Pembina Place 1777 Pembina Hwy.
South Park Gardens 70 South Park Drive
Killarney Place 66 Killarney Ave.
Baylor Place 110 Baylor Ave.
House on Brookfield Crescent
Side by Side on Gendreau Avenue
Newdale Apts. 2965 Pembina Hwy.
778 Osborne Condos 778 Osborne St.
Mapleridge 160 Ulster St.
Rembrandt Gardens 2393 /2395 Pembina Hwy.
Annex Townhomes Fort Richmond
Silverview Apts. 2141/2145/2149 Pembina Hwy.
Arizona Plaza 1650 Pembina Hwy.
Tudor Village (New Construction) 160 Ulster St.
House on St. Albans Road
Killarney Gardens 130 Killarney Ave.
Richmond Village 160 Ulster St.
Chancellor Estates 940 Chancellor Dr.
South of the Border-Scottsdale 3271 Pembina Hwy.
South Park 88 South Park Drive
The Spot on Pembina 2815 Pembina Highway
Adamar Manor 110 Adamar Rd.
Georgetown Park 1681 - 1699 Pembina Hwy.
Polo Club 812 Allegheny Dr.
House on Pasadena Avenue
Delta Manor 100 Adamar Rd.
Richmond Village (Townhomes) 160 Ulster St.
Gardens at Twin Lakes 5 Lakecrest Rd.
Duplex on Gertrude Avenue
Baylor Place (Townhomes) 110 Baylor Ave.
The Ridge Apartments 2350 McGillivray Blvd.
Westminster Court 2945 Pembina Hwy.
Briarwood Apartments 2331/2333/2335 Pembina Hwy.
Annex Bungalows Fort Richmond
100 Killarney Condos 100 Killarney Ave.
The Suites of 99 Dalhousie 99 Dalhousie Dr.
Tudor Village 160 Ulster St.
South Pointe Terrace 2475 Waverley Street
Sterling Towers 70 Plaza Dr.
The Mosaic Condos Bison Dr. at Shore St.
Condo on Pembina Hwy
Southview Plaza 2080 Pembina Hwy.
Duplex on Grosvenor Avenue
Four-plex on Eugenie Street
House on Brentlawn Boulevard
House on Avalon Road