Northwest Apartments

Albina Shoreline 10-174 Albina Way
Adsum Gardens 244-276 Adsum Dr.
Partridge Manor 370 Partridge Ave.
191 and 195 Cathedral Ave.
The Consulate North 595 Leila Ave.
Duplex on Lorne Avenue
Templeton Properties 250-300 Templeton Ave.
229 Machray Avenue
Bel Main 201 Belmont Ave.
Ridgeview Gardens 500 Partridge Ave. / 1000 McGregor St.
House on Hart Avenue
Bel Manor 1780 Main St.
Tyndall Gardens 15-820 Keewatin St.
House on Bowman Avenue
Condo on Plessis Road
Innsbruck Village 15 Innsbruck Way
Shelard Manor 200 Adsum Dr.
Northwood Oaks 1452 Jefferson Ave.
Duplex on Lansdowne Avenue
House on Pritchard Avenue
House on Horrox Bay
Condo on Lake Crest Road
Olympic Towers 480 Charles St.
Crystallite Apts. 445 Partridge Ave.
Kildonan Villa and House 2130-2140 Main St.
House on Piper Place
Mandalay Village 301 Mandalay Dr.
Queensbury Apts. 1055 Powers St.
Innsbruck Village 20 Innsbruck Way