Northwest Apartments

Mandalay Village 301 Mandalay Dr.
Duplex on Atlantic Avenue
Ridgeview Gardens 500 Partridge Ave. / 1000 McGregor St.
Bel Manor 1780 Main St.
House on Burrows Avenue
Cathedral Court A and B 191 and 195 Cathedral Ave.
Crystallite Apts. 445 Partridge Ave.
Kildonan Villa and House 2130-2140 Main St.
The Consulate North 595 Leila Ave.
Templeton Properties 250-300 Templeton Ave.
Northwood Oaks 1452 Jefferson Ave.
Side by Side on Newman St.
Duplex on Atlantic Avenue
Partridge Manor 370 Partridge Ave.
Tyndall Gardens 15-820 Keewatin St.
Triplex on Logan Avenue
Queensbury Apts. 1055 Powers St.
Olympic Towers 480 Charles St.
Shelard Manor 200 Adsum Dr.
Adsum Gardens 244-276 Adsum Dr.
Bel Main 201 Belmont Ave.
House on Lansdowne Avenue
Garden Park Estates I 771-777 Leila Ave.
House on Boyd Ave
Riverbend Terrace 2471 Main Street
Albina Shoreline 10-174 Albina Way