Central Apartments

Fort Garry Place III 20 Fort St.
Condo on Bannatyne Avenue
435 Spence St.
Kiwanis Chateau 430 Webb Place
Apt on Waterfront Drive
University Manor II 391 Balmoral St.
Bridgeside Manor 340 Assiniboine Ave.
Fort Garry Place II 85 Garry St.
Apt on Waterfront Drive
The Drake 270 Broadway
West Broadway Apartments 161 Langside St.
Edmonton Plaza II 43 Edmonton St.
Townhouse Apts. 346 Broadway
Roney Plaza 10 Edmonton St.
641/645 Westminster Ave.
Le Chateau York 134 Smith St.
Rideau Tower 90 Garry St.
812 Wolseley Ave.
980-984 Wolseley Ave.
Edmonton Plaza I 16 Edmonton St.
Fredericton Apts. 579 Broadway
The Lindsay Building 228 Notre Dame Ave.
The Nelson 250 Broadway
Holiday Towers (Furnished Suites) 160 Hargrave St.
Sparling Apts. 217 Sherbrook St.
Holiday Towers 160 Hargrave St.
Ramada Apts. 72 Hargrave St.
Pamela Apts. 761 Wolseley Ave.
The Sunnycrest Apartments 667/669 Wolseley Ave.
Tweedsmuir 301 Broadway
Fort Garry Place I 55 Garry St.
Eastry House 61 Edmonton St.
Apt on Sherbrook Street
The Edge on Princess 232 Princess St.
Apt on Burnell Street
Bessborough 380 Assiniboine Ave.
Apt on Sherbrook Street
26 and 45 Hargrave St.
Hargrave Place 33 Hargrave St.
Le Chateau York 134 Smith St.
122 Langside St.
Place Promenade 400/410/420 Webb Place / 44 The Promenade
160 Smith 160 Smith St.
The Avenue on Portage 265 Portage Ave.
Fort Garry Place (Furnished Suites) 85 Garry St.
Colony Square 525-555 St. Mary Ave.
Florida Apts. 239 Colony St.
Place Promenade 400/410/420 Webb Place / 44 The Promenade
Apt on Sherbrook Street
Broadview Manor 120 Donald St.
Bellcrest Apartments 72 Lenore St.
Apt on Waterfront Drive
Chateau 100 72 Donald St.
Kelly House 15 Carlton St.
Redboine Apts. 348 Assiniboine Ave.