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Houses, Townhomes and Condos

Duplex on Lansdowne Avenue
House on Dowling Avenue East
House on Oakenwald Avenue
Condo on Market Avenue
100 Killarney Condos
House on Patricia Ave
Baylor Place (Townhomes) 110 Baylor Ave.
House on Ferry Road
Triplex on Dollard Boulevard
The Oxbow 110 Creek Bend Road
Vialoux Village 3420 Vialoux Dr.
778 Osborne Condos
House on Ashburn Street
House on Pasadena Avenue
Annex Townhomes
Townhouse on St. Mary's Road
House on Shore Street
Condo on Bridgeland Drive South
Multiplex on Beach Avenue
House on Bridge Lake Drive
Duplex on Lorne Avenue
House on Rochester Avenue
Mapleridge 160 Ulster St.
House on Rothesay Street
Rothesay Townhouses 383 Paufeld Dr.
Condo on Stradbrook Avenue
Annex Bungalows
Condo on Chamberlain Avenue
Duplex on Evanson Street
House on Alverstone Street
House on Oak Lawn Road
Townhouse on Lee Blvd
The Mosaic Condos
Weatherstone Place (Townhomes) 33 Weatherstone Place
Side by Side on Adsum Drive
South of the Border-Scottsdale 3271 Pembina Hwy.
Molson Gardens 21 Antrim Rd. / 1200 - 1220 Molson St.
Albina Shoreline 10-174 Albina Way
Kimberley Village 2 Oak Park Walk
House on Renfrew Street
Condo on Pembina Highway
1044 Wilkes Ave.
Sterling Towers 70 Plaza Dr.
Side by Side on Wordsworth Way
Centennial Park 1815 Corydon Ave.
House on Roseberry Street
Keenlyside Park 7-428 Keenlyside St.
Condo on Bridgeland Drive North
Adsum Gardens 244-276 Adsum Dr.
Triplex on Mountain Avenue
Multiplex on Beach Avenue
Lakeside Gardens 7-11 Sanford Fleming Rd.
Lumsden Gardens 160 & 170 Lumsden Ave.
Wickham Park 100 Wickham Rd.
Condo on Pembina Highway
House on Pritchard Avenue
Multiplex on Beach Avenue
Condo on Princess Street
Riverside Village A (Townhouses) 1600 - 1644 Henderson Hwy.

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