Winnipeg Internet Apartment Guide


Dawson Trail Apartments 5 - 55 Levesque St.

Provencher 331-335 Provencher Blvd.

The Arundel Apartments 780/790 Elizabeth Rd.

Appleton Estates II 135 Niakwa Rd.

Weatherstone Place (Townhomes) 33 Weatherstone Place

River Clayton 61 Clayton Dr.

Bonita Arms 14 Bonita Ave.

Bonita Manor 38 Bonita Ave.

Willowlake Gardens 133 Willowlake Cresc.

Courts of Windsor 990 Betourney St.

River Gardens 21 Clayton Dr.

River Park Estates 449 Paddington Rd.

Place Rennes 344 Enfield Cresc.

Lakepointe I 1035 Beaverhill Blvd.

Dakota Towers 1106 St. Mary's Rd.

Ashton Apts. 37 Ashton Ave.

Place St. Boniface 325 Enfield Cres.

Seine River Gardens 41 Clayton Dr.

Grandview 77/85/93 Eugenie St.

Eiffel Tower A 291 Goulet St.

St. Vital Villa 200 Beliveau Rd.

Beliveau House 660 Dakota St.

A'Rom House 45 Clayton Dr.

Carmel Gardens 291 St. Anne's Rd.

Weatherstone Place 33 Weatherstone Place

Woodydell Properties 632 St. Anne's Rd.

Golden Arms 11 St. Michael Rd.

Arden Estates 24 Arden Ave.

Chelsea Place 130 Beliveau Rd. & 88 Eric St.

Courts of Windsor 985 Winakwa Rd.

Niakwa Tower 115 Niakwa Rd.

River Meadows Estates 1177 St. Anne’s Rd.

Island Park Place 16 Charbonneau Cres.

Chalsam Gardens 50 Morrow Ave.

Beliveau Estates 270 Beliveau Rd.

Lakepointe II 1035 Beaverhill Blvd.

Enfield Estates 358-370 Enfield Cresc.

Courts of Windsor 996 Betourney St.

Appleton Estates 133 Niakwa Rd.

Peppertree Estates 290 Beliveau Rd.

Ken-Bur Gardens 329 St. Annes Rd.

Eiffel Tower B 261 Goulet St.

Westover Square 229 Kearney St.

Wickham Park 100 Wickham Rd.

Colonial Courts 1006 - 1024 Archibald St.

Paddington Green 130 Regis Dr.

Markie Plaza 410 St. Anne's Rd.

966 Winakwa Rd.

Arden Hollows 15 Arden Ave.

Maison Dorchester 300 Marion Street St.

Chateau Guay Apts. 231 Goulet St.

Romada Gardens 34 Morrow Ave.

Emerald Gardens 20 Morrow Ave.

Grenoble Manor 415 St. Jean Baptiste St.

Meadowood Gardens 576 St. Anne's Rd.

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